Terms and definitions

We, at CAD programs
  • me, Jan Vlčinský.
Me, Jan Vlčinský  
  • me
  • my wife
  • my bookeeper
  • external part time colleagues
  • great admins at Active24 and some other nice people, who create what I call "my extended team." 
My work and services
  • where your and mine interests intersect and our abilities complement.
If You think, we should do something good together, contact me.

My Interests  
  • Traffic information processing and distribution.
  • Data exchange
  • ITS Architecture
  • Standardization
My abilities 
  •  Analysis, software engineering
  •  Programming
  •  Implementation
Where you can meet me 
  • Anywhere on the globe (assuming you are willing to share desktop using Mikogo and use some sort of Skype or Google talk service.)
  • or face to face
    • Prague, Czech Republic, or in the traing there and back.
    • Karviná, Czech Republic
    • Anywhere else, where we agree.
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Note: Currently, I am moving most of my business activities into TamTam Research, s.r.o.